Episode 003 Why Homeschool? part 2 (because there are lots of reasons)


Why Homeschool? Part 2 continues with more reasons why people look at homeschooling or alternatives to school. This episode focuses on reasons related to unique situations and more interest/talent based situations.

Highlighted reasons:

*RV living/traveling-long term or short term

*Living off the grid or no school is accessible due to location

*Sports/acting/modeling requires a lot of hours of practice and work and often takes a child on a lot of travel.

*Special interest/talents: writing, music, art, etc which essentially becomes the focus of education

*Gifted students that are truly beyond what traditional school can offer them

"What about socialization?" It's honestly not really an issue. Kids not in school are still interacting within the community, with friends, and multi age groups and benefiting from a variety of social interactions, possibly better than a same age peer group in a classroom.

*Some students don't have learning disabilities or behavior problems but they are just bored in school and/or don't fit in with the school model. Their mind works differently and this is not a bad thing! They just need an alternative model to work in.

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