Episode 004 Who can homeschool? Am I "qualified"?


You do not have to be a teacher by trade or education to teach your child.

Parents can homeschool in any state. Some may have special requirements, but parents can homeschool without being a "teacher".

I remind parents that they are their child's first teacher which is important to remember.

Teaching our kids life skills are just as important as academic skills in many cases.

Teachers may learn classroom management, diversity, or lesson planning in college but they are learning on the job, just like parents can learn working with their child.

Parents have access to many of the same resources teachers use, including teacher's manuals if a parent needs more help with a subject. There's a wide variety of resources available.

Teachers can't teach to every student's learning style. This is how kids fall thru the cracks. However, at home, a parent can teach to your child's specific style.

I’m certainly not belittling what teachers do because they have a difficult job! I’m just pointing out that parents can teach their child without being a teacher because there are so many resources available to help them.

No one is more invested in their child's success than the parent, so who better to teach them with their unique needs in mind.

Thanks for listening!

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