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Episode 005 What are the homeschool laws/rules in my state?


Homeschooling is legal in all states in some fashion....some states, such as California, don't identify homeschooling as legal but parents can have their own private school which is the homeschool option.

Unfortunately, homeschooling is not legal in all countries.

Check your local state or country's laws and rules.

Check your local state groups for state laws and rules and more information. Google or check local FB groups for more information.

Don't be intimidated by language of laws, often very complex verbiage but can be boiled down to simple rules.

Summary of the primary categories for homeschool in states: (this is a basic summary but there will likely be more details and specifics in each state)

  1. Independent homeschooler with no rules or state oversight

  2. Working with an independent study charter school

  3. Local School District program

  4. State oversight but no local support or minimal requirements

  5. Independent Study through your local school

After finding out what the local laws are, you have to decide if these requirements will work for you and your child.

Don't be intimidated by the language or the rules! You can do it!

Thank you for listening!

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