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Episode 11:Targeting your question for better feedback on social media

Updated: Aug 5, 2018


Summer is a time for MANY questions regarding curriculum or programs people are looking to use in the fall. This episode gives tips to get more useful information when asking for input on FB and web forums.

Instead of asking general questions such as "what's the best preschool curriculum?" or "what's the best 1st grade science curriculum?" Ask more specific questions with more information.

  1. Don't just give grade but give the child's age because some programs focus more on age than grades. Grades can have a wide age range and abilities.

  2. What type of learner is your child? Do you need shorter lessons? Offer more specific info about your learner to get you more targeted information.

  3. What do you need a parent? Do you want a more structured lesson plan or something more loose?

  4. Use the SEARCH function so you can see what has already been offered up on the same topic. Sometimes you will learn about a topic or idea you hadn't thought about and it is something you are very interested in.

  5. Once you do have a curriculum or program in mind, take advantage of the sample lessons or trial period. This is valuable for your child to try it out but also for the parent to see if they like it or not.

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