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Episode 17: Self Directed High School

In this episode we'll be talking about high school and how a self directed education can lead to success.

The parent isn't really a teacher anymore, but rather, a facilitator and support person. High school kids need to learn responsibility for life and we need to let go of doing so much for them.

We can help them by looking at their goals and working backwards.

We can use their interests and goals to develop a high school plan, regardless if that's a 4 yr plan or even a 2 yr or 5 yr plan.

Whenever possible, find resources for their interests such as mentorships, internet communities, job shadowing, etc so they can get a true idea of all aspects of a job or career. This is a really useful and important resource for homeschool high schoolers.

Self directed education is different for each person but can be so valuable in that students are learning, problem solving, and finding resources on their own. Kids in school are often told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it and lack the ability to work independently.

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