Episode 21: Simple Play=Natural Learning

In this episode I share an experience I witnessed with 2 young girls playing with simple tools like squirt bottles, water, brushes, tongs, chalk, etc and how their free play was a great learning episode. They had no direction or instruction but they had a great time using these different resources and experimenting and learning.

I share how these simple learning tools are so useful and expensive toys or devices are really not necessary.

They were also moving naturally with no chairs or desks. They were squatting, sitting on the ground, stretching, etc and these are all important developmental movements that we take for granted. I shared a podcast called Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman and can be found here if you're interested in learning more


I shared that there are some incredibly beautiful Instagram accounts with lovely autumn images and activities and these are few that are stunning! However, I also caution not to compare yourself to them and enjoy them for what they are, don't try to recreate it. They are great for ideas and inspiration but don't feel less for not having a homeschool table that looks like theirs.




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