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Episode 009: Time for a move? Finding your tribe

Updated: Aug 5, 2018


Resources for making connections and finding your tribe: is an active nationwide forum organized by state/city

-look for local park days/gatherings/meet ups by asking neighbors, FB groups, co-workers, etc

-check for state homeschool organizations-many have local liaisons that can connect you, events, and conferences. Most states have Christian and secular groups, but many have other niche groups such as Muslim, Latino, or single parent groups as well.

-check with your librarian-she’s often a resource for homeschoolers so may know who to contact or what days they come to the library

-check with the local park and rec-some have classes specifically for homeschoolers or other specific sports

-contact Boy Scouts (Explorer Scouts for teens), Girl Scouts, 4H, Indian maidens, or whatever groups you may be in and see if there are specific homeschool groups, local groups, or start your own group

-is your child interested in comics and the associated games or fandom stuff? Check your local comic shop for game nights or gatherings.

-church-many churches often have an active homeschool community or youth groups

-while sports are often organized thru schools, many areas also have rec leagues or sports like dance, gymnastics, and martial arts that are more individual and not school related

-FB groups-some may be “secret” so you won’t find them in searches, but there are many out there for specific styles of homeschooling, ages, and cultural or religious focus. Because activities are posted with kids, some keep them secret for security reasons. Chatting with local resources will usually hook you into these active groups.

Moving can be challenging but don't give up. You need to be proactive and persistent and you will find like minded people. It might happen quickly or it might take a year, but hang in there.

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