Episode 006: Where do you homeschool? Hint....it's not as obvious as you think.

Learning and education goes on all the time in the community and in our daily lives.

Talking to people within the community can lead to great conversations to learn about jobs and training needed for those jobs.

*Parks are great for play but also for weekly gatherings with peers to meet and hold special events for holidays or birthdays.

*Libraries are a great resource for many reasons. Research, special events, older kids helping younger kids, and story kids for older kids, as well. Develop a relationship with librarians since they order books.

*Park and rec dept for homeschool classes. Daytime lessons are usually easy to set up with enough students since day time is usually available.

*Commmunity business such as music, art, dance lessons may be interested in holding day time classes for homeschoolers with enough interest. Just need to ask!

*Museums/aquariums/zoos are not as busy during the day and you can have a better experience. They are also interested in holding classes for homeschoolers.

*Vacations in the off season is a favorite benefit of homeschoolers because it's not as crowded, cheaper, and better over all experience.

Learning goes on all the time. Learning doesn't just happen in books at a desk. Communication skills, practical life skills, problem solving, critical thinking are all things that NEED to be learned and are learned in daily life.

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