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Episode 22: "Proof" that Homeschool High School Works

In this episode I discuss homeschooling high school and how it's worked for us.

We have used the Bravewriter philosophy for writing over the years and we have not done a structured/formal language arts program consistently. We only did maybe 3 years of formal grammar which was Growing with Grammar and we used Word Roots for a few years for vocabulary. We focussed on getting the ideas on paper and worked on basic skills instead of a lot of structure. We also used a practical workbook for expository writing called Writing Skills. It's a very good overview of core writing skills and I have used this for 2 children so far. This link is for Level 1 but there are other levels you can check out to see which might work for your student. The workbook levels are for older elementary or middle school thru high school.

I discuss how my daughter is taking college classes as a high school student and she received her first 100/100 on a college research paper. I shared this to show that homeschooling in a more relaxed and individual style can work and they can definitely gain the skills needed to succeed. An outside person determined that she had the skills to master the research paper format and the topic and she gained those skills as a homeschooler. It's "proof" that it works.

My older son is also taking college classes and he was a lot more of an unschooler in high school and focussed on his interests of competitive biking and computers. He is also is getting good grades and learned what he needed in his own way, when he needed it.

Obviously, every child is different, but these are just a few examples that homeschooling high school, in various styles, works.

Lastly, I mention an event coming up February 1-3, 2019 that is all things gaming and learning, also known as gameschooling. It's going to be a great event and I will definitely be there. Early bird registration is going on now to save some money thru Oct. 31.

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