Episode 16: Planning and Epiphanies

In this episode I talk a bit about planning but not in a structured way.

I discuss planning for peace of mind and our own reality based on our needs and our kids' needs.

I understand everyone wanting a "perfect" homeschool routine but what that looks like is often an unrealistic vision. We have to examine our reality and determine what is realistic for us as a teacher and our kids.

I share my own recent experience with planning and how I had an epiphany regarding classes I had signed up my kids for and realizing they were not a good match.

I talk about incorporating game into our homeschool life this year and the benefits of gameschooling.

I also talk about planning some field trips and travel to museums, zoos, etc when the crowds are lower and you can get a much richer experience with 1:1 attention from staff and the exhibits.

I also remind you not to listen to the naysayers and critics! This is your decision to homeschool and you've already done the thinking and research to know this is the best decision for your family and your children.

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